Marjoris Pirela

El ratón Pérez está en huelga

Children’s Book Illustration This lovely and angry mouse is Don Esteban Pérez, better known as the Peréz mouse, descendant of the Peréz family, they are the best tooth collectors in the world! Every night he goes through the houses to exchange teeth for coins but he has decided, he will not collect children’s teeth again … Read moreEl ratón Pérez está en huelga

Lisa Supersonrisa y Mika la Quejica

Children’s Book Illustration A story full of fun rhymes and colorful drawings that will surely attract the attention of the little ones. It stars Lisa (proactive) and Mika (reactive), two antagonistic characters who deal with situations differently. Una historia repleta de divertidas rimas que atraerán la atención de los más pequeños. Protagonizada por Lisa (proactiva) … Read moreLisa Supersonrisa y Mika la Quejica

Sam, el Gamusino

Children’s Book Illustration My second illustrated book: Sam, el Gamusino. I had the opportunity to represent these cute creatures from Spanish folklore. This book has been written by Belén Monreal and published by Cáprica Ediciones. Mi segundo libro ilustrado: Sam, el Gamusino. Tuve la oportunidad de representar a estas lindas criaturas del folclore español. Escrito … Read moreSam, el Gamusino

La Abeja Eli

Children’s Book Illustration This little happy bee is Eli, she is the protagonist of the book that I have made with so much love and enthusiasm. This book has been written by Belén Monreal and published by the Malian publisher. Esta alegre abejita es Eli, la protagonista del libro que he ilustrado y maquetado con … Read moreLa Abeja Eli